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Take charge of cybersecurity awareness training with our engaging platform. Learn to outsmart cybercriminals and dodge scams while having fun!
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The human layer

95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error

    Pureversity’s game-based security awareness platform helps fortify the weakest link in your cyber defense - the human layer.

    Designed to cater to the modern learner, Cytadel combines the thrill of gaming with the serious business of cybersecurity education.

Meet Cytadel

Cytadel is Pureversity’s game-based platform that helps learners through an in-depth engaged experience.

Overcome traditional training challenges

Employees struggle with engagement and retention when they learn via traditional training methods such as talking head videos and slideshows. Learn how our game-based platform can help:
Increased retention
Game-based learning can enhance retention rates by up to 90% vs. traditional learning methods which typically achieve around 10% retention.
Higher completion rates
Gamification in e-learning has been shown to increase completion rates by 60%.
Enhanced engagement
78% of employees find training programs more compelling when it is gamified which is crucial for dry topics like security awareness.
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