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Elevate your security awareness with Pureversity’s game-based training platform

Real-world, immersive

Cytadel offers a gamified experience that transforms learning into an engaging and interactive adventure. Designed to cater to the modern learner, it combines the thrill of gaming with the serious business of cybersecurity education.

Benefits of choosing Cytadel

Boosted awareness
Elevate your cybersecurity awareness effortlessly. With Cytadel's gamified approach, staying vigilant against threats becomes second nature.
Motivated learning
Say goodbye to dull training sessions. Cytadel is a cybersecurity game with engaging features keep you motivated, making learning fun and effective.
Real-world Lessons
Apply your newfound knowledge in the real world. Cytadel's practical quizzes and side quests ensure you're ready to tackle actual cyber threats.
Healthy competition
Fuel your competitive spirit and benchmark your skills against peers. Climbing the leaderboards adds an element of fun to your training.
Flexible learning
Your learning, your way. With cross-platform support and full user control, Cytadel adapts to your schedule and preferences.
Progress monitoring
Stay on top of your development. Track your progress and witness your growth as a cybersecurity expert in real-time.
Why choose game-based training?

Game-based security awareness training offers better motivation, engagement, and impact for learners. You absorb lessons better and retain concepts faster when immersed in a game-based environment. It offers a real-world context, which helps learners stay interested and motivated throughout the excercise.

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Real-world scenarios

Phishing simulator
``It's a great product.``
I absolutely love it. It’s already taught me something I didn’t know and I feel like my knowledge of cybersecurity is quite high. It really challenges you, which makes it even more engaging. The episode where I played as the criminal opened my eyes even more. It’s a fantastic story and I’m really enthralled by it.
Olivia EnglishCEO | Pride Marketing

Features that set Cytadel apart

``Cannot wait to play more episodes.``
Just tried the game and it looks great. I think the voice over works well and makes it more lively too. Overall the experience was great!
Umair Najeeb KhanArt Director

The Story Behind Cytadel

Cytadel is more than an idea. It's an experience that can help today's companies combat the threats of tomorrow. Here's a peek at how it came into being.
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