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Ecommerce cybersecurity challenges faced by companies

Credit where it isn’t due
Credit card fraud has remained the most common type of identity theft through the first three quarters of 2023, with 318,000 reported cases.
Scripted web attacks
Ecommerce sites are especially vulnerable to SQL injection attacks, with comprised 33% of attacks in 2022.
Where's my DDoS?
An average DDoS attack now takes about 277 days to identify and contain, making it a potent ecommerce cybersecurity threat.
Normal service denied
DDoS attacks rose by 47.87% from Q3 2021 to 2022.
Class action lawsuits
Brands that face data breaches and alleged privacy violations are at risk of facing a class action lawsuit worth billions of dollars.
Retail risk
For 3 consecutive years, retail was the most targeted sector from 2018-2020, outlining the need for security awareness training for ecommerce companies.

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