Security Awareness Training for Insurance Companies

Protect against breaches & achieve compliance goals with the right security awareness training for insurance companies.

Cybersecurity challenges faced by insurance industry

The big phish
Whaling attacks targeting insurers have grown by over 100% in a year.
Vendors are at risk
Over 88% of insurance leaders rely on third-party service providers for critical operational tasks.
Where's my claim?
Ransomware contributed as the number one cause of loss in almost 6000 cyber insurance claims with the average ransom increasing to $ 247,000.
It's all about data
Data breach remains the number one cybersecurity risk for insurance organizations.
A lucrative target
In about 2% of cyber insurance claims the total cost of a breach exceeded $100 million.
Small firms on the line
99% of all insurance claims costs came from SMEs, a total of $ 357 million in losses in 2023.

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