Security Awareness Training for Journalism and Media

Your digital safety is as important as the stories you cover.

Cybersecurity challenges faced by journalism and media organizations

A prime target
News and media sites face 30 million attacks per day, calling for more investments in implementing security awareness training for journalism.
Lack of training
Roughly 50% of journalism schools in North America offer information security training and education programs.
Short on results
Only 50% of journalists passed a quiz on basic cybersecurity training despite attending as many as six three-hour security workshops supplemented by office hours.
Old mindsets die hard
Most journalists feel that they will learn how to handle cyber threats when they go out into the field, an unfortunate mentality that persists to date.
Compromised sources
In 2021, journalists reported over 10,000 cases of digital threats while working in conflict zones.
Custom-tailored threats
While spyware, surveillance, and other digital attacks are increasingly recognized as serious threats to journalism, many journalists do not have adequate access to or knowledge of digital security tools.

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