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Cybersecurity challenges faced by marketing agencies

Upholding customer trust
78% of people would never use a marketing brand’s online services if they suffered a breach.
Data collection concerns
44.2% of respondents are a bit worried about how their data is collected and used by marketing companies.
Brands get targeted
There's been a 164% increase in cyber threats targeting the most popular brands.
Bad ads = Fraud
Ad fraud makes up 10.5% of all digital marketing activity online.
A rise in clickjacking
A survey revealed as many as 613 popular sites containing malware that hijacks digital ads and redirects users to malicious sites.
Non-compliance is costly
The cost to businesses of non-compliance is around 2.7 times higher than the cost of being compliant, with the average consequential cost for non-compliant organizations being $14.8 million.

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